There are three controls that will be at hotels during Super Week. The information is being posted here in case anyone wants to reserve their own rooms:

600km Brevet: Boston Bar – Sept 1st and Sep 2nd
Green Canyon Motor Inn
Boston Bar
(We have one room with 2 queen size beds and a kitchenette. Gary Baker and Alex are manning this control)

1000km Brevet: Kelowna – Sept 4th
Travelodge Abbott Villa
1627 Abbott St, Kelowna
(We have one room with 2 queen size beds. Barb is manning this control and will have the kids with her)

1000km Brevet: Leavenworth – Sept 4th and Sept 5th
Fairbridge Inn
185 US Hwy. 2
Leavenworth WA
(We have two rooms, one with 1 queen size bed [both nights] and one with 2 queen size beds [Sept 5th only]. Darren Maclachlan is manning this control).