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Peace to Parliament Route/Services Notes from Stephen Hinde
June 14, 2017

MacKenzie food options for evening consumption:
Mackenzie junction Petrocan has sandwiches and a few “hot” gas station treats (closes at 10pm). MacKenzie itself has 3 western/chinese restaurants, and Subway. All close by 9pm. One pub/cafe closes at 10. One pub closes at 12(?) and may have pub snacks. Pizza closes at 11. There is a 24hr 7-11 with usual suspects for food. Some of us will not get to Mackenzie until 11 pm to 1am. Most of us won’t get there by 8pm which would allow for check-in, clean-up, and order/eat by closing.

I have booked a room with kitchenette. We can arrange for take out food—subway sandwiches, chinese food, pizza. We would need to charge you cost of this, but if we ordered a selection of chinese takeout and some pizzas, expect $10-$15 per person. Would you like this? If so, let us know in FSJ, along with choices that we may be able to accommodate.

Breakfast is covered. See Michael T’s email about Kellys Bakery. Also Judys across from hotel opens at 7am (posted hours) or 6am (Facebook hours). LVs behind hotel opens 6am. Don’t expect espresso anywhere in MacKenzie!

Services from FSJ to Williams Lake, distances based on RidewithGPS “not quite ready for release” that Ron sent out recently.

Km 13.5 (Charlie Lake) Shell Gas
Km 87.0 (Hudson’s Hope) 2 gas stations, 2 restaurants (that should be open by 8am. Sportsman is supposed to open at 6.)
Km 132.1 (Moberly Lake) Race Trac Gas
Km 152.7 (Chetwynd) 7 - 11, Subway, A&W, grocery stores, Tim Horton’s 300m left off course towards Dawson Ck.
Km 225.0 (West Pine Pass Rest Area) staffed control. water, limited food, pit toilets
Km 257.0 (Azouzetta Lake Lodge) water, pop, chocolate bars, flush toilet — open to 9pm)
Km 300.8 (MacKenzie Junction) Petrocan Gas. Convenience store with sandwiches, sausage rolls, perogies, chicken wings—variable, but sandwiches will be available. NO restaurant despite your Google search—the cook quit last winter.
(note: if you want to cycle another 2km to Windy Pt, the restaurant closes at 6pm, or maybe 8pm, but definitely not beyond.)

Km 0 MacK Junction. See above.
Km 1.8 (Windy Point) Restaurant, gas station. Yes, the place we had trouble with, so don’t count on anything! (They hired the cook from MacJ Petrocan.) Opens 7am.
Km 16.7 (McLeod Lake) limited selection store may have sandwiches. 9am opening.
Km 80.0 (Bear Lake) Convenience store (gas pumps under rebuild).
Km 142.7 (Prince George North). Husky Gas. “Good” gas station services.
Km 159.8 (Prince George) Tim Horton’s control. Other services here.
Km 163.9 (Prince George) Husky Gas and Restaurant
Km 218 (Hixon) 2 cafes, store, gas station. Note Race Trac Gas at 219.6 open to 10pm.
Km 275 (entering Quesnel). Staffed control at Km278.8. Km284.4 24hr convenience store and Denny’s supposed to be open
Km 300 (Kersley). General store has normal day opening hours. But you might find an outside tap.
Km 353.9 (McLeese Lake). General store normal day opening.
Km 374.9 (Deep Creek). Gas station. 7am to 9pm
Km 383.9 (Wildwood). Race Trac Gas. Cafe. Liquor store :) 9am to 7pm.
Km 400.4 (Williams Lake). Control. 24hr Dennys.

In addition to the above, you will pass a number of Provincial Parks that are reasonably close to the highway that may have water, especially MacKenzie to PG.

Weather has warmed somewhat. but biting things have multiplied. We had 11degC at the top of Pine Pass, but we then descended into torrential rain. Let’s hope for warm, sunny skies.


A Caution about the 300
June 15, 2017

I have refrained from commenting on road conditions as they are what they are, and we must deal with them. However, I need to report a dangerous road crack.

Using the “final 300 RwGPS”. At approximately Km19.9.

After the turn onto Hwy 29 at Charlie Lake, you go down a hill, then up a hill, then down a big hill. About 2/3rds way down that second big downhill, on a slight right bend, there is a highway warning sign—standard orange triangle on short tripod—right at the problem. There is a large subsidence that crosses the road close to perpendicular to the road, but bends slightly downhill as it moves across the road. It is about a 3" drop at road edge, and mostly not there at the centre line. However, it is a bit of a blind corner, so don’t go too far towards the left. You will have a good speed, and there is little warning. Watch for the sign, move left, and slow down. (OK some of you may choose to do a flying leap at 65kph, but mere mortals may not have that skill.)

Small correction to the list sent yesterday: Shell Gas at Km 13.5 (Charlie Lake) closed over the winter. There are no services between FSJ and Hudson’s Hope.


Notes about the 600, etc
June 9, 2017

Yesterday we drove the Vancouver - 100 Mile House leg of the 600. Nothing exceptional up to 70 mile, but once we turned onto the route around Green Lake, we went “wow”. So we decided to stop in 100 Mile, and ride the Green Lake stretch today. It was a great ride! Wonderful scenery, quiet roads, and even on the bad pavement sections (short though they were), better conditions than the roads at home. Water levels are high, so everything is green and lush, and mosquitos love those conditions. Oh, we also road the main highway back into 100 Mile, and the stretch that you will NOT be riding is a good stretch to miss—the shoulder at best is rough sealcoat, and at worst, unridable, meaning you’re riding in at times heavy traffic. The Green Lake diversion is the right choice.

Purpose of this email is to remind everyone of the highly variable weather conditions. When we arrived yesterday it was 21degC and dry. Today at noon it was 7degC and raining. Warm coats in the middle of the day! Remember we are crossing the Rockies at Pine Pass, and cresting the Fraser Plateau near Green Lake. And remember that at night you’ll be even colder, especially when hungry and tired.