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Gold Rush Randonnée - Results Notes
1200 km
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It's great to have the rider-tracking information during the increasing number of 1200 km brevets being offered these days, but it can sometimes be difficult to get at the final results, and other rider information, in these big files after the event is over. The 2009 Gold Rush Randonnée in Northern California had a particularly visually confusing results table this time around (2009), including a finishing times column that is written over by the rider's last name column - so you can't clearly see the times. I took a little time and generated my own results file and then merged it with the 2009 rider information file elsewhere on the GRR web site. I then converted the information into a simpler, easy-to-browse, text file.

You will see that I have included the 2001 and 2005 results as well. I saved these results as text files a few years ago, so any changes made recently in the official results for those years will not be included. Gender information is not indicated on the GRR site so that info in my files is speculative. Still, I know the names of many of the GRR women riders from other results lists, so am fairly confident that I've got it right.

If you see any errors I'd be very happy to hear from you. If anyone can offer brief weather descriptions from 2001 and 2005 it would be greatly appreciated. My recollection is that riders found 2005 very hot.

Eric Fergusson

Update 2013 - Not as many riders from my club BC Randonneurs rode in 2013 but I updated these results anyway. And I've put the GRR results from all years into an Excel file [Here] to make the data easier to deal with. It's amazing to me that the GRR organization hasn't made any effort to post their ride results.
EF - July 2016

Update 2017 - Only two riders from BC Randonneurs rode GRR in 2017 (Ken Bonner for the fith time!), but I'm now in the habit of grabbing and processing the GRR results. It's a certainty that these results will disappear at some point and they don't seem to be archived anywhere, so that's another reason to do it.
EF - July 2017