2018 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2018 Vancouver Island Spring Brevet Series

Vancouver Island Brevet Coordinator:
Mark Ford

200 km
"Spring 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Mikael Jansson

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300 km
"The Once Over"
Ride Organizer(s):
Melissa Haynes

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400 km
"PentaC Cruise 400"
Ride Organizer(s):
Stephen Hinde

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600 km
"Hats Off Renfrew Ramble takes a Wrong Turn"
Ride Organizer(s):
David White

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Philip Lennox
Steve Mahovlic

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Steve Mahovlic
Mark Payten
Roxanne Stedman
Carol Hinde
Stephen Hinde
Dave Macmurchie
Larry Burns

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Carol Hinde

Ride-Day Volunteers:

Wet roads. Overcast nearly all day. Some torrential rain. Strong gusty wind in last 2 hours.

Overcast and wet roads to the top of Malahat then intermittent sun. Cross winds to Chemainus and head winds from Chemainus to Port Renfrew. Rain from Cowichan Lake to top of the pass. Tail winds just past Sombrio.

It doesn't get better. Clear skies, sunny, high of 24degC along water, with a short 31degC inland. Moderate headwinds in first half, moderate tailwinds on most of return. For all but first finishers, strong winds (tail then head) in last 50km. Weather and views were so good that 3 riders bought groceries and went down to the beach for a picnic lunch. The herd (about 25) of kids (the real sort--baby goats) gambolling under the tree beside the route really added to the conditions. One flat on the ride. And the organizer "forgot" to hand out the last page of route instructions, thus guaranteeing that the organizer had company after dark.


Moishe Callow8:22
Mikael Jansson VP8:33
Robert Sutherland FX8:40
Gord Litster8:59
Mark Payten8:59
Murray Tough8:59
David White8:59
Luke Galley9:29
Melissa Haynes10:02
Stephen Hinde10:02
Rosemary Lee10:02
Kevin Ishizaki12:37
Jared Price12:37
Lorraine Nygaard12:53
Robert ChowDNF

14 Finishers

Moishe Callow13:18
Gord Litster14:27
David White14:27
Luke Galley14:33
Graham Fishlock15:39
Mikael Jansson15:39
Stephen Hinde VP16:12
Mark Payten VP16:12
Roxanne Stedman VP16:12
Philip LennoxDNF
Rob NygrenDNF

9 Finishers

Moishe Callow16:17
Mike Hagen16:17
Peter Stary17:16
Stephen Hinde20:15
Mikael Jansson20:15
Ross Nichol20:15
Mark Payten20:15
Roxanne Stedman20:15
David White20:15
Kenneth Bonner21:36

10 Finishers

Moishe Callow26:21
Peter Stary29:48
Kenneth Bonner32:54
Mark Payten VP36:40
David White VP36:40

5 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear