2017 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2017 Peace to Parliament Brevet Series

300 km
"Fort St John - Mackenzie Junction"
Ride Organizer(s):
Ronald Stewart
Stephen Hinde

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400 km
"Mackenzie - WIlliams Lake"
Ride Organizer(s):
Ronald Stewart
Stephen Hinde

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600 km
"Williams Lake to Tsawwassen"
Ride Organizer(s):
Ronald Stewart
Stephen Hinde

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200 km
"Peace to Parliament 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Roxanne Stedman

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Total 1500 km
"Series Finishers"
June 18th - 24th

Ride Organizer(s):

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Carol Hinde
Paul Whaley
Shirley Wilson
Gary Baker
Susan Goodison
Danelle Laidlaw

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Gary Baker
Paul Whaley
Susan Goodison
Christine Kraayvanger
Sally Johnston
Danelle Laidlaw
John Bates
Carol Hinde

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Alard Malek
Kathleen Stewart
Phyllis Ito
Carol Hinde

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Sandy Stedman
Mark Ford
John Little
Buddy Bhandar
Dave Macmurchie
Ronald Stewart
Carol Hinde

Ride-Day Volunteers:
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Cold morning. Clear. Headwinds, headwinds, headwinds.

Wet. Dry patches. Thunderstorms.

Clear. Wind in evening. Sunny and hot on day 2.

Sunny, hot.


*Bob Goodison13:10*
*Mike Hagen13:10*
*Etienne Hossack13:10*
*Dave King13:10*
*John Oswald13:10*
*Daniel Simpson13:10*
*Peter Stary13:10*
*Paul van Wersch13:10*
*John Bates14:55*
*Rick den Braber14:55*
*Colin Fingler14:55*
*Mikael Jansson14:55*
*Jeff Mudrakoff14:55*
*Michael Tilitzky14:55*
*Graham Fishlock15:49*
*Philip Lennox15:49*
*Eric Fergusson15:53*
*Roy Neifer15:53*
*Deirdre Arscott17:02*
*Robert Koen17:02*
*Erik Snucins17:02*
*Will Danicek18:05*
*Stephen HindeDNF*
*Ronald StewartDNF*

22 Finishers

*Bob Goodison18:30*
*Mike Hagen18:30*
*John Oswald18:30*
*Peter Stary18:30*
*Etienne Hossack18:56*
*Dave King18:56*
*Daniel Simpson18:56*
*Paul van Wersch18:56*
*Rick den Braber23:11*
*Eric Fergusson23:11*
*Jeff Mudrakoff23:11*
*Mikael Jansson23:20*
*Deirdre Arscott23:45*
*Colin Fingler23:45*
*Graham Fishlock23:45*
*Philip Lennox23:45*
*Michael Tilitzky23:45*
*Robert KoenDNF*
*Roy NeiferDNF*

17 Finishers

*Dave King30:56*
*Paul van Wersch30:56*
*Etienne Hossack30:59*
*Bob Goodison33:22*
*Peter Stary33:22*
*Mike Hagen33:35*
*Rick den Braber35:34*
*Eric Fergusson35:34*
*Jeff Mudrakoff35:34*
*Graham Fishlock36:35*
*Philip Lennox36:35*
*Michael Tilitzky36:35*
*Mikael Jansson36:55*
*Daniel Simpson38:05*
*Deirdre Arscott38:43*
*Colin Fingler38:43*
*Robert Koen38:43*

17 Finishers

*Etienne Hossack7:35*
*Bob Goodison7:56*
*Mike Hagen8:25*
*Dave King8:29*
*Daniel Simpson8:29*
*Paul van Wersch8:29*
*Peter Stary8:44*
*Eric Fergusson9:07*
*Malou Ignacio TA9:07*
*John Oswald TA9:07*
*Susan Barr9:44*
*Graham Fishlock9:44*
*Mikael Jansson9:44*
*Philip Lennox9:44*
*Jeff Mudrakoff9:44*
*Michael Tilitzky9:44*
*Rosemary Lee10:12*
*Gary Baker10:21*
*Rick den Braber10:21*
*Buddy Bhandar VP10:35*
*Roxanne Stedman VP10:35*
*Sarah Gallazin10:42*
*Marshia Roberge10:44*
*Stephen Hinde10:46*
*Deirdre Arscott11:00*
*Colin Fingler11:00*
*Rob Nygren11:32*
*Charlene Barach13:01*
*Rowan Burns13:01*

29 Finishers

*Deirdre Arscott90:30
*Eric Fergusson83:45
*Colin Fingler88:23
*Graham Fishlock85:53
*Bob Goodison72:58
*Mike Hagen73:40
*Etienne Hossack70:40
*Mikael Jansson84:54
*Dave King71:31
*Philip Lennox85:53
*Jeff Mudrakoff83:24
*Daniel Simpson78:40
*Peter Stary73:46
*Michael Tilitzky84:59
*Rick den Braber84:01
*Paul van Wersch71:31

16 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear