2016 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2016 Lower Mainland Spring Brevet Series

Lower Mainland Brevet Coordinators:
Chris Cullum

200 km
"LM Spring 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Craig Premack

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300 km
"Hemlock Valley"
Ride Organizer(s):
Chris Cullum

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400 km
"LM Spring 400"
Ride Organizer(s):
Dave King
Will Danicek

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600 km
"LM Spring 600"
Ride Organizer(s):
Nigel Press

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Nigel Press
Will Danicek
Allison Voth

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Deirdre Arscott
John Oswald
Malou Ignacio
Eric Fergusson
Gary Baker
Mireille Pare

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Bob Koen
Paul van Wersch

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Darren Maclachlan
Cheryl Lynch
Maciej Szarecki
Andrew Hartline
Susan Barr

Warm and sunny.

Sunny skies, windy in southern Fraser Valley on ride day. Rain at end of pre-ride

Moderate southeastly winds most of the day, subsiding and shifting to outflows into the evening then calm later at night. Mostly dry, a few showers on the return trip, cool. Delicious homemade PBP pastries at Paul's control (and full on burgers at Will's control)!!!

Hot and sunny.

Dave King7:14
Ed Person7:14
Craig Premack VP TA7:15
Nigel Press VP TA7:15
Mike Hagen7:29
Andrew Hartline7:29
Malou Ignacio8:10
Michael McIntosh8:10
John Oswald8:10
Ian Fingler8:18
Erik Hagreen8:18
Bill Maurer8:18
Daniel Simpson8:18
Colin Fingler8:37
Peter Stary8:37
James Vercammen8:37
Susan Barr8:52
Cheryl Lynch8:52
Ross Nichol8:52
Meyrick Jones8:58
Cynthia Orr8:58
Gary Baker9:01
Rick den Braber9:01
Robert Eldridge9:01
David Johnson FX9:01
Jeff Mudrakoff9:01
Charles White TA9:01
Kathy White TA9:01
Luke Moloney9:16
Roy Neifer9:16
Jodi Caddick9:31
Eric Fergusson9:40
Barry Chase10:13
John Koch-Schulte10:20
Manfred Kuchenmuller10:20
Alard Malek10:20
Deirdre Arscott10:35
Richard Blair10:35
Andy Reimer10:35
Carol Hinde11:08
Stephen Hinde11:08
Gerry Van GaansDNF

41 Finishers

Nigel Press10:33
Mike Hagen12:06
Andrew Hartline12:15
Etienne Hossack12:15
Daniel Simpson12:29
Dave King13:07
Erik Hagreen13:58
Peter Stary13:58
Francis Hopcraft14:20
Michael McIntosh14:20
James Vercammen14:20
Jaime Guzman14:31
Meyrick Jones14:31
Susan Barr14:39
Steven Clark14:39
Colin Fingler14:39
Rick den Braber14:58
Jeff Mudrakoff14:58
Robert Eldridge15:23
Ross Nichol15:23
Roy Neifer15:49
Jodi Caddick15:50
Bill Maurer15:57
Luke Moloney15:57
Theo Wyne16:52
Deirdre Arscott VP17:03
Chris Cullum VP17:03
Eric Fergusson VP17:03
Malou Ignacio VP TA17:03
John Oswald VP TA17:03
Ron Himschoot17:17
Bob Koen17:17
Manfred Kuchenmuller17:17
Will Danicek17:45
Shiro Ogawa17:45
Maciej Szarecki18:31

36 Finishers

Nigel Press14:39
Mike Hagen16:22
Andrew Hartline16:22
Chris Cullum18:24
Luis Bernhardt18:26
Peter Stary19:05
Theo Wyne20:05
Meyrick Jones20:37
Craig Premack20:59
Dave King VP21:05
Paul van Wersch VP21:05
Luke Moloney21:24
Jeff Mudrakoff22:05
Roy Neifer22:20
Colin Fingler22:35
Bill Maurer22:35
Deirdre Arscott23:18
Eric Fergusson23:18
Ross Nichol23:18
Jodi Caddick24:15
Shiro Ogawa24:15
Andy Reimer25:18
Maciej Szarecki25:18
Francis HopcraftDNF

23 Finishers

Mike Hagen25:00
Kenneth Bonner28:44
Dave King29:53
Craig Premack29:53
Paul van Wersch RE30:00
Nigel Press VP33:05
Chris Cullum33:31
Daniel Simpson33:31
Peter Stary34:11
Ron Penner35:01
Eric Fergusson35:10
Malou Ignacio TA35:35
John Oswald TA35:35
Colin Fingler35:54
Bill Maurer35:54
Theo Wyne36:56
Deirdre Arscott37:21
Ron Himschoot37:21
Francis Hopcraft37:21
Gary Baker37:50
Jodi Caddick37:50
Rick den Braber37:50
Robert Eldridge37:50
Gary Sparks37:50
Bob Koen39:05
Manfred Kuchenmuller39:05
Shiro Ogawa39:05
Jeff Mudrakoff39:17
Barry ChaseDNF
Will DanicekDNF
Etienne HossackDNF

28 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear