2015 Results
BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2015 Vancouver Island - Various 200s

Lower Mainland Brevet Coordinators:
Gary Baker
Chris Cullum

200 km
"Chili 200"
Ride Organizer(s):
Brynne Croy
Michael Croy

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200 km
"Coombs to Cumberland Explorer"
Ride Organizer(s):
Carol Hinde
Stephen Hinde

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200 km
"Somewhat Familiar"
Ride Organizer(s):
Lorraine Nygaard

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Ride-Day Volunteers:
Steven Croy
David White
Rob Scrimgeour
Holland Gidney

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Dave Macmurchie

Ride-Day Volunteers:
Dave Macmurchie
Rob Scrimgeour
Stephen Hinde
Brynne Croy
Holland Gidney
Dan DuFeu
Sarah Gallazin
John Little

Very Chilly to begin with and then the day became warm and sunny finishing with showers in the later evening.

Weather was partly sunny, with occasional wind gusts, but generally very good riding conditions.

Cloudy all day. No wind.

Craig Lylack7:10
Dan DuFeu7:30
Malou Ignacio TA8:28
John Oswald TA8:28
Joyce LaRose TA8:31
Vincent (Sandy) Szabo TA8:31
Gord Litster8:34
Graham Fishlock8:51
Kristy Mighton8:51
Roxanne Stedman8:51
Don Stewart8:51
Michael Tilitzky8:51
Melissa Haynes9:34
Steve Mahovlic9:34
Philip Lennox9:40
Jim Runkel9:40
Rob Scrimgeour VP9:42
David White VP9:42
Mark Ford9:56
Michael Mann9:56
Mikael Jansson10:50
Jessica Dulong10:52
Paul King10:52
Fred Rockwell12:00
Lorraine Nygaard12:10
Simon CiceriDNF

25 Finishers

Nigel Press7:14
Peter Stary7:14
David White7:14
Eric Fergusson8:12
John Oswald8:12
Sarah Gallazin8:46
Allen Henderson8:46
Cheryl Lynch8:46
Buddy Bhandar 9:40
Manfred Kuchenmuller9:40
Alard Malek9:40
Carol Hinde VP11:09
Clive Roberts11:18
Stephen Hinde VP11:20
Dave Macmurchie VP11:20

15 Finishers

Robert Sexton8:34
David White8:34
Kenneth Bonner8:37
Eric Fergusson8:50
Malou Ignacio8:50
John Oswald8:50
Will Danicek9:30
Graham Fishlock9:37
Michael Tilitzky9:37
Mark Ford9:47
Deirdre Arscott9:49
Melissa Haynes9:54
Steve Mahovlic9:54
Vincent (Sandy) Szabo9:54
Mikael Jansson9:56
Mark Payten9:59
Manfred Kuchenmuller11:00
Alard Malek11:00
David Livingstone11:30
Dave Macmurchie VP12:27
Stephen Hinde VP12:50
Lorraine Nygaard VP12:50
Josh Hazelbower13:10

23 Finishers

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
* Unofficial result
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandems
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear