2015 Results

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club



"Audax Lang Syne"
2015 New Years Day Populaire
Victoria - January 1

Ride Organizers: Brynne & Mike Croy

Ride Day Volunteers:
Paul Croy, Steven Croy and Steve Mahovlic

Cold, dry roads, icy in parts, no wind, sunny

57 km

Route     Photos

Simon Ciceri Finish Dan DuFeu Finish Eric Guillemot Finish John Oswald TA Finish Malou Ignacio TA Finish Rob Scrimgeour Finish Melissa Haynes Finish Dan Dean Finish Don Stewart Finish Madeleine Thomson TA Finish John Thomson TA Finish Dan Thompson Finish Karen Knott Finish Bob Wooff Finish Valerie Wooff Finish Steve Lonergan Finish Douglas Anderson Finish Maxine Anderson Finish Graham Fishlock Finish Jim Runkel Finish Phillip Lennox Finish Dwight Milford Finish Ron Lederer Finish Colin Blackie Finish Mark Payten Finish Lorne Guthro Finish Joel Vandervies Finish Ben Larsson Finish Zea Hadfield Finish Mikael Jansson TA Finish Annika Benoit-Jansson TA Finish Dave White Finish Mike Taylor Finish Mary Luco Finish Gerald Luco Finish Glen Pritchard Finish Gail Pritchard Finish Carol Hinde Finish Stephen Hinde Finish Lorraine Nygaard Finish Carole Richer Finish Connie Epp Finish Denise Howes Finish John Lauvaas Finish Dave MacMurchie Finish Tala Kopeck TR Finish Quinn Kopeck TR Finish Terry Kopeck TR Finish Cathy Whyte Finish Mike Croy VP TA Finish Steven Croy VP TA Finish Brynne Croy VP Finish Ed Janicki DNF Sara Kelly DNF Joanne Lee DNF Franz Obermeier DNF Denise Wellband DNF Art Shepherd DNF Ross Pratt DNF 52 Finishers

Riders listed in chronilogical finishing order, no times.

TM = Tandem
TR = Triple
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride

Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
VP = Volunteer Pre-ride
TA = Tandem
QD= Quad (Quadruple, Quad Tandem)
RE= Recumbent
FX = Fixed Gear
SG = Single Gear