2005 Results

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

2005 Out-of-Province Rides

The John Hathaway Trophy recognizes brevets (and Flèches) ridden by BC Randonneurs anywhere in the world. If you are a BC resident, or a non-resident who has done a 200 - 600 series in BC, and you would like your out-of-province events to be included in your Hathaway Trophy total, be sure to get the information to me, Eric Fergusson, and database manager Cheryl Lynch. There is also a master list of all known out-of-province brevets and flèches to date, in the Record Book section of this web site. Here's a shortcut. Here is the 2005 list so far:

Name                  Month      Event    Distance     Time
                             (or location)
Ken Bonner             June  Cascade 1200  1200       74:21
Ken Bonner             July   Gold Rush    1200       63:36
Ken Bonner            August     BMB       1200       59:38
Ken Bonner           September Last Chance 1200       54:46
Barry Chase           August   Seattle IR   400       19:13
Keith Fraser           July   Gold Rush    1200       58:26
Melissa Friesen        May      Toronto     200       12:00
Scott Gater            June  Cascade 1200  1200       87:49
Ron Himschoot          March   Portland     200       10:46
Ron Himschoot        September Last Chance 1200       86:34
Wim Kok                June     Toronto     400       21:39
Wim Kok                July       LEL      1400      101:25
Keith Nichol           July       LEL      1400       97:20
Ross Nichol            July       LEL      1400       97:20
Jeff Schlingloff      August   Seattle IR   400       17:36