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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Victoria New Year's Day Populaire
January 1, 2003
Ride Organizer: Mike Poplawski

Weather: Stormy: windy, rainy, between 5-10 C during the event, with weather being milder between the Sidney and Colquitz controls. Some sections of the course featured randomly placed driftwood.

Volunteers (6):

Ken Bonner      at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel
Bev Shaw        at Sidney and Colquitz
Harv Welch      at Colquitz
Paul Travassos  at Colquitz
Allan Dunlop    at Colquitz
Alex Whitfield  at Christie's Carriage House

Riders (24):

Rider            Home       Time

Graeme Sheeley   Victoria   4:23
Francis Graf     Victoria   4:23
Steve Lonergan   Victoria   4:23
Rob Fraser       Victoria   4:54
Sam Macey        Victoria   4:57
Jim Spafford     Victoria   5:03
David Kelly      Victoria   5:06
John Bates       Burnaby    5:20 (Tandem)
Danelle Laidlaw  Burnaby    5:20 (Tandem)
Darren Inouye    Burnaby    5:20
Janet McLash     Victoria   5:25
Lorne McLash     Victoria   5:25
Phil Wynne       Victoria   5:25
Roger Holt       Delta      5:41
Gavin Strang     Tsawwassen 5:41
Ali Holt         Delta      5:41
Jim Kirby        Victoria   5:58
Val White        Delta      5:58
Larry Voth       Langley    5:58
Charles Willi    Seattle    7:15
Trent Hill       Seattle    DNF @ 75 km
Melinda Morrow   Seattle    DNF @ 38 km
Don Potts        Victoria   DNF @ 80 km
Alex Whitfield   Delta      DNF @ 30 km