BC Randonneurs at:
Boston - Montréal - Boston

August 17 - 20, 2000

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Ken Bonner (right) with Australian Oliver Portway were the first finishers at this BMB 2000. Bonner's time of 54:26 is a new Canadian record at BMB. The previous record was Ted Milner's 1992 mark of just over 55 hours. Keith Fraser was co-fourth finisher with American Ed Kross. It was a particularly good year for Canadians at BMB with three finishers in the top five. Michael Lau from Ottawa finished alone in third with a time of 57:44.

Time Results:

 Ken Bonner  54:26
 Keith Fraser  58:19
 Manfred Kuchenmuller  79:33

Total Riders: 127
Total Finishers: 104
Canadians Finishers: 5

There is a full time results list on the BMB web site.