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Permanent 93 - Paths to Pastures


Riding Permanent 93 on AGM ride day
This permanent combines the informal group ride from Vancouver, along the Broadway corridor picking riders up along the way out to the October Annual General Meeting/Brunch in Fort Langely, with the social ride attached to the AGM. The route would be about 178 km, so the loop around the Stanley Park seawall path has been added to make up most of the difference. The loop can be done at the beginning or end. Riders can start anywhere along the route, by establishing their own start/finish controls, and modifying their control cards.
The default timing would be to start (from Granville @ Broadway) beginning with the Stanley Park loop at 6 a.m., arriving back the Granville control at about 7:10. Then comes the march out the West 10th bike route, and Central Valley Greenway. This should deliver riders to Fort Langley in plenty of time for the 10 a.m. start of the AGM social ride. The AGM meeting and Brunch is at 1 p.m. and runs a little less than 2 hours. This will give riders plenty of time to reach the next (~final) control at Broadway and Granville. Riders who had joined the ride on the way out will need to continue on to the Stanley Park loop, and then back to their start/finish controls - it will be getting dark.
If riding the route in reverse order, riders can do the Stanley Park loop and AGM route in the conventional directions (counter clockwise.) Same-distance variations within the AGM ride are acceptable. (Example, at ~106 km, recently riders have substituted R at 248, L at 64 Ave here.) Notice that on the return, when leaving Fort Langley, riders can not use Billy Brown Road and Alard Crescent east, because these stretches were used earlier in the day on the AGM ride route.
The idea for this route was Chris Cullum's who observed that our total distance on the AGM day in 2011 was approaching 200 km. "This could be a permanent." I put together the paper work.
[Eric Fergusson, December 2011]


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