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Permanent 53 - Bridges to Buntzen


January 2010: Ride Report by Keith Nichol

September 2010: Alternative route options. Your permanents coordinators have approved alternate ways through three sections of this route mainly for safety reasons. These are particularly good choices for weekday rides. All alternatives are very similar distances to the original routings.
1 - Avoid the narrow, often busy, bridge over hwy 99 on the Steveston Highway. At 59.6 km turn right on Rice Mills Road (from No 5 Road). After you cross over hwy 99 turn left and follow the road through the visitor information area, and then merging with the freeway offramp. Right on Steveston Highway and you're back on course. (Then a quick left on Sidaway.)
2 - Avoid the heavy truck traffic on No. 6 Road, and especially the west section of River Road. At 63.7 don't turn right on Westminster Hwy, continue straight on Sidaway. At about 64.7 turn right on Cambie. Continue on Cambie crossing No. 6 road - Cambie becomes a seldom used rural/farm road. Left on No. 7 Road. Right on River Road, and you're back on course.
3 - Avoid the tricky left turns and traffic lights on to 96 Ave, and then 201 Street before the Golden Ears bridge. This alternative section is through an industrial zone and can have lots of trucks on weekdays, but the roads are wide and it feels safe. At 104.5 turn left instead of right on Telegraph Trail. Then there are a series of quick turns: Right on 98B Ave, Left on 197 St, Right on 101 Ave, Right on 199B St, Left on 100A Ave, Right on to side walk and then up the spiral ramp to the bridge. The way through is intuitive - you won't have to remember these streets and turns. (Eric Fergusson, September 2010)

Note about the info controls. First time riders of this route may be confused by a few of the info controls.
Iona control, 28 km - The "park gate" referred to on the route sheet is not the park entrance gate - it is the gate to the causeway going out into the water/ocean. It's on your left a little further up the road from the park's entrance gate. (Map clearly visible on near-by notice board.)
Buntzen Lake control, 135 km - I've never been able to find a bird mentioned in the text on the sign/notice board. Be creative, there is a mountain named after a bird in the text, and photos of three birds.
Cates Park, 172 km - The long boat is there, but not immediately visable from the road near the old washrooms on the right. Just go a little further and you'll see the longboat on your right. (Newer, functioning, washrooms across the road on your left.)
(Eric F., September 2010)

Additional note about the Cates Park control: The boat that you need to identify is gone (summer/fall 2011). Here is the replacement question: On the totem pole beside the empty boat house, how many little guys are on the top of the totem pole.