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Permanent 30 - Tour of Greater Vancouver (TGV 203)


December 2008: Bob Koen made an Excel version of this route.

December 3, 2008: Eric's report.

December 11, 2008: Comments, Eric Fergusson:
It was a different game plan this time. No photos, no stopping really, push through at a steady tempo. No wrong turns this time either. It's a strange sort of triumph when you need to pull out all the stops to achieve a sub 10 hour time. Did it just barely 9:51.
Bob - my computer, which has been very accurate lately measured the route as 203.3.
It was a particularly beautiful morning with the dusting of snow on the North Shore peaks. The River Road section was no trouble at all yesterday. This may have been because I was there a little earlier.
And the 7-11 trail was a lot easier, mainly because there was daylight all the way through, and also I had made all my wrong turns the first time. The key is really to follow the commuter cyclists - they know where they are going.

December 7, 2009: Gary's report.

December 14, 2009: Bob's report.

September, 2010: Route notes, Eric Fergusson:
Alternative route options: Your permanents coordinators have approved alternate ways through two sections of this route mainly for safety reasons. These are particularly good choices for weekday rides. Both alternatives are very similar distances to the original routings.
1 - Avoid the narrow, often busy, bridge over hwy 99 on the Steveston Highway. At 59.6 km turn right on Rice Mills Road (from No 5 Road). After you cross over hwy 99 turn left and follow the road through the visitor information area, and then merging with the freeway offramp. Right on Steveston Highway and you're back on course. (Then a quick left on Sidaway.)
2 - Avoid the heavy truck traffic on No. 6 Road, and especially the west section of River Road. At 63.7 don't turn right on Westminster Hwy, continue straight on Sidaway. At about 64.7 turn right on Cambie. Continue on Cambie crossing No. 6 road - Cambie becomes a seldom used rural/farm road. Left on No. 7 Road. Right on River Road, and you're back on course.
Route Tip - At 192 km, at Patterson skytrain station. Cross Patterson, follow bike path straight ahead. Take first path on your left through park and out at parking lot. Straight ahead towards pedestrian/bike overpass.

December 3, 2011: Jeff Schlingloff has fine tuned the map. And Jeff had some notes:
Ongoing (in late 2011) SouthFraser Way construction may affect the River Rd approach to Pattullo Bridge section of the route at some point, so a diversion east to Scott Rd to access the bridge would work, maybe adds .5 km or so.
Additional - Alongside Slocan Park adjacent to the 29th Ave. Skytrain station, cross Slocan St. at the lights, and continue along E 29th Ave. following the BC Parkway route signs to Nanaimo Skytrain Station. Cross Nanaimo St., the BC Parkway route continues to Trout Lake via Penticton St.
Additional - In addition to the 7-11 bike route signs in Burnaby/New West, the prominent 'BC Parkway' signs now go all the way though Trout Lake in Vancouver, to Lakewood Dr./N. Grandview highway, where it connects with the E 10th Ave. bike route at Victoria Dr. Proceeding through on the Trout Lake bike path would be better in daylight.

March 8, 2012: Route notes, Eric Fergusson:
The route will have on-going problems because of the construction of the South Fraser perimeter road. After the Annieville Hill on River Road (~175 km) follow the marked detour up to Scott Road. Very dangerous truck road stretch of Scott, especially on weekdays. However the north sidewalk is a bike path that will take you to 124th Street (also called Underpass Road and 111a Avenue) - bear left. Follow this road under the skytrain to Control #6 across from the bike on-ramp to the Patullo Bridge.

December 8, 2012: Eric's photo gallery. (8 Photos)

January 10, 2013: Eric's photo gallery. (12 Photos)

July 30, 2013: Étienne Hossack - Report (& Photos).