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Permanent 26 - Bean Brothers 202

The current Bean Brothers route sheet and control card, linked to from the permanents route page, are a revisions of Bob Koen's original 2008 permanent route. Two road closures necessitated the change, and Tsawwassen control has been shifted from a park to a convince store. Bob's route was a reworking of the "Flying Beaver 200" with the start moved from Sea Island to Kerrisdale. There is another permanent (# 74 "Happy Elephant") that is very similar to Beans Brothers. The new route minimizes the use of busy roads and truck routes, but there's more navigation. [Eric F, November 2010]

Additional: There are now 5 different places where the route deviates from the Nov 2010 route. The problem is highway and overpass reconstruction mainly in North Surrey and North Delta. More interuptions are expected. Consider not doing this route for the time being. Route #74 is similar without many of the problems. [Eric F, February 2012]

November 2008: Eric's report.

November 2009: Gary's report.