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Permanent 1 - Glacier 200


October, 2008: Report in newsletter by Alex Pope [also: Photos (flickr), Map/stats/etc (Motion Based)]

A few comments about this route:
Alex Pope, October, 2008

- If we had started an hour earlier, we could have had lunch at the Cafe in Acme which closes at 3:00pm -- we arrived at 2:45 and they weren't seating anyone at that time (or we could have simply not stopped for so long at the previous controls ;).
- There is nothing open later on Sunday afternoon in Lynden. We had to do a self-control. Options: use the border crossing as a control, ride on Saturday, change the route to go straight over to SR 539 as there would probably be a few places open on that route (like the Starbucks which I occasionally ride to).
- After looking at the route on the map, it occurred to me that it would be appropriate to have an information control on Mosquito Lake Rd as there is a shorter route by continuing on SR 542 and down SR 9.
- The route could be adjusted slightly to start/finish at Wendel's. Obviously, the Senior's Hall wasn't open -- we expected that and planned to use the Esso station (which we did) but most of us met up at Wendel's before the start anyway.