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What is the Master Spreadsheet?

In 2007 French rider (and now 11 time PBP finisher!) Alain Collongues took on the daunting task for ACP (Audax Club Parisien) of sorting out the inconsistencies in the historical Paris Brest Paris time results. I was one of his contacts in Canada for this project. Here are the results for Canada of his efforts, updated with PBP 2011 information. There's always room for improvement... If you see any errors or omissions Alain and I would like to hear from you. In particular there are still a few missing ages for riders participating in 1983 and 1987. . [Eric F]

Additional: The file has been updated with the 2015 data using the offical 2015 results on the PBP site, plus Axel König's PBP 2015 Results Database.


Go to: Master Spreadsheet for Canadian Finishers 1979-2015
- Excel file -
(last updated January 2017)