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[1983, 1999, 2003]

PBP 1983 Route Sheet [JPG]
PBP 1987 Route Sheet
PBP 1999 Route Sheet
PBP 2003 Route Sheet [JPG]
PBP 2007 Route Sheet [JPG]
PBP 2011 Route: Out - Back [PDF]
PBP 2015 Route: Out - Back [PDF]

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Route maps on line:


2015 Route:

The 2015 map and route sheet are available on the official 2015 PBP web site. I think we can assume correct. [Go]


2011 Route:

This map (above) is from Roland Guillon's route page on his cyclo-long-cours.fr site. Helpful detailed elevation profiles. [Go]


2007 Route:

bikely.com versions. There were several maps put together in preparation for PBP 2007 on bikely.com. Ignore the 2007 offering from "Skewer". That leaves the two files from "astrobiker" - outbound & turnaround [Go], and the finishing leg including the new section through Dreux [Go]. A quick inspection gives me confidence in these files with one caution. On the return leg between Brest and Carhaix this route version quits where the Brest loop rejoins the outgoing route at Le Queff. Remember that after Roc Trevezel we do not retrace our steps through Huilgoat and Poullaouen on D769, we blow straight through to Carhaix on the D764.

1999 Route:

1999 map provided by Don Munro

Also: Here is the 1971 route:

And here is an early PBP route (1891?):