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...The second picture shows three ladies. Christiane Neumann (Belgium) is wearing a jersey with vertical stripes (designed for the cycling association of Uccle, a southerly suburb of Brussels). The two other ladies are from the Netherlands - Mrs. Dreuning and Mrs. Gieselbach (but I do not know who is who). The smaller of them, in the middle, is wearing a jersey with the national colours of her country, the other one has a dark red jersey. I have known Christiane very well. She was married to a German husband living in Belgium. Some years later, she was married again, this time to Bernard Guillemin (first picture) until his death (he was killed on his bicycle by a car coming out of the fog), and later on she married Louis Bonny (the leader at the turn in PBP randonneurs 1971).

Source: "Ouest France" or maybe "Le Télégramme de Brest"
(Image and caption provided by Jean Richard)

PBP Photos - 1966