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September 09th, 1966, at Dreux, the last check point before the arrival.

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The two future winners, Robert Demilly (wearing a white cap) and Maurice Macaudière taking some food and being massaged by Lily Herse (wearing a red jersey) and Rolland Bailly, the pacemaker of the team for the first half of the race. The older man with the white hair standing on the left side (see enlarged photo) is the late Mr. Magaud from Dreux; in 1966, he was 79, and PBP would have been too long for him, but during the previous year, we had rode 200 km together in the Massif Central, approximately 50 up and 50 down, and back to Le Puy-en-Velay in a similar way over the source of the Loire (1,500 m over the sea level), and he was not tired at all. At this age, he still managed to walk from Paris to Mantes-la-Jolie (54 km during the night) with some other veterans of the First World War…

(Source: photo provided by Jean Richard)
(Caption by Jean Richard)

PBP Photos - 1966