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Edmond Guillou, France
Audax Club Parisien (90:25)

Guillou's Randonneur Francais pin is of special interest because of the engraving "1200" below the usual 200-600 series distances. Alain Collongues has done some research: "

"About the Super Randonneur medal of Edmond GUILLOU, it is now certain that it is dated from 1956. In the attached file you will find a page from "Le Cycliste" (n°1 /1956) which was the old paper created by Velocio. In the article in the lower part of the page, it is written that a Super-Randonneur medal has been created for PBP 1956 and that it will be given to the riders homologated at all the brevets from 200 to 1200. It is clearly written "un insigne spécial sera créé" which means that it is the first time this medal is offered.

I have received some information about Edmond GUILLOU from the council of his city Vaujours. He was born in Paris on 3rd September 1922 and passed away at Montfermeil on 18th March 2011."

The pin is part of a collection of randonneur artifacts acquired by Guy Lesser of Brooklyn, New York (USA). Merci Guy!