Pacific Populaire

Time Results and Their Place in Randonneur Cycling

As in all randonneur events there are time results for all finishers of the Pacific Populaire. It must be emphasized that randonneur events are never races - riders engaging in racing or any other dangerous riding behaviour during the event will be disqualified. Road safety is the primary concern of randonneurs. All participants need to be aware of the space around them, and ride with caution and courtesy to keep themselves and other riders safe.

Times are nevertheless important to many randonneurs. Times are a measure of personal achievement and riders can genuinely celebrate a personal best or meeting a time goal. Central to the sport is the notion that faster times can be achieved not just through riding fast, but also through better planning, disciplined control stops, improved route finding skills, better bike maintenance and more efficient equipment packing.

The Pacific Populaire is an opportunity for riders to test themselves while practicing smart and safe cycling.