2007 Photos

Pacific Populaire


Here are some photos taken by Harold Bridge who manned the 25 km control at Spanish Banks.
The 100 km route runs past this control.


At the 25 km Control:

Photos taken by Harold Bridge, April 1, 2007.

Bonus Photos:

Who is 'Arold?

The photographer of these photos (above) is long-time randonneur Harold Bridge, who took many of the photos along Pacific Populaire routes in the mid/late 1990s. He was a time-trialist when he lived in England, though I hadn't realized that he tandem tt-ed until I received this first photo (below) today. In the photo, Peter Bury is up front, Harold's the stoker. In Harold's own words: "Tandem time trialling 1949 style - 100 miles - 4-4-57. Taken about 5 miles from the finish. My snarl is due to the photographer shouting; "Number?" and me giving it to him. The record that lasted a year. With another partner on the same tandem I did 4-4-42 in 1950."

Harold also designed the Three Hump Camel 200 km route coming up on April 14, and he pre-rode and route-checked the course. The second photo below is from Harold's 200 km pre-ride.

The third photo below is a photo of Harold at the Spanish Banks control, on April 1, taken by Philip Neuwirth. [Eric F]