BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


Call for BC Randonneur pin designs for 2020


BC Randonneurs are looking for new pin designs for the 2020 Rando Season.

Specifically we need:
- Brevet series pins (200, 300, 400, 600, 1000 & volunteer)

Please send your ideas to Pin Coordinator Karen Smith at ksmith222@shaw.ca by November 1.

Some things to keep in mind when designing:
- The maximum length of any dimension of the pin should be 1.25 inches. Artwork can be larger, but drawn to scale.
- Maximum 3 colours.
- As the pin is small, not a lot of detail works best.

Here’s the link to our Pin Archive on the Rando website: http://www.randonneurs.bc.ca/pins/bcr_pins.html
Have a look, and get inspired…

I am looking forward to the submissions.
: )