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February Vortex
by Eric Fergusson

I started writing Gary Baker a short follow-up note to his report, and it turned into a newsletter submission. [EF]

A very vivid account Gary. Thanks. I was out there too on Sunday [Feb 24] fighting that easterly, though admittedly on some more sheltered roads. It took me 12h45, which pushed me well into the evening, and boy was it cold. Roxanne on the Island had similar struggles, but Dave King simply said “Well what a beautiful day for a ride” though at his speed he was back just after sun down before temperatures really plummeted. Barry Monaghan was out there too on P#148 "Early Bird 2015" trying to break 9h00. (Didn't happen: 10h45.) I'd have to say ultimate bragging rights for this day, go to Bob Goodison who faced much more extreme winter conditions in the interior on Permanent #51 “Sorrento-Falkland-Kamloops”. That's a total of six completed permanent brevets on this challenging day.

Frigid February was a tough permanent month for everyone. Other successful permanent riders include iron butt Jeff Mudrakoff, Karen Smith, Dave White and Mark Payten. Everyone battled winter conditions. Because of the snow, ice and cold almost everyone put it off until the end of the month… except crazy Mike Hagen who rode P#151 “Take it Easy” on February 1. That ride wasn’t clear of weather either: "It never stopped raining. But it was warm. Well, warm enough… But the February permanent is done. Bring on the polar vortex!”

Actually a couple more permanents are planned for today. Stephen Hinde and Rob Nygren are riding P#23 “Palm Springs to Bombay” which is cheating as far as I’m concerned. (Or maybe just very smart.)

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February 27, 2019