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Interior sections of PRE - click

Pacific Range Explore 1000 Web Pages
compiled by Jeff Schlingloff

Jeff's PRE may be our most challenging 1000 km route. It's one of them anyway. It is certainly the most well documented 1000 route on file. Jeff has recently moved the pages to a different server and has done a nice job of formatting. There's lots of information about the route, but there's much more. There's a page with historical maps, photos and a timeline. Another page compares our regional highway passes.

This link would normally be buried deep in the site, and might easily be missed. I thought it was interesting enough to direct people towards it. You can always get at Jeff's pages from the PRE route page in our 1000s section - go - but here's the direct link: [Eric F]

Jeff's PRE 1000 Web Pages


November 28, 2009