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Dempster Highway to the Arctic

Brevet Route Found
by David Cambon

The reason I have had such poor attendance at brevets this year is because I am bike touring to get myself in better shape for brevets. I got the idea for a bike tour from Seattle International Randonneur Pat Rodden who wrote a story about touring up north. I found out that Pat had once been a guest at the house of British Columbia Randonneurs Dierdre Arscott and Bob LePage. For my research for the tour I went to Dierdre and Bob’s house and drank all their wine, so there is a definite randonneuring aspect to this story.

Pat’s tour was to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories. While riding to Inuvik I could not stop thinking about the Ultimate Island Explorer 2000 which Ken Bonner is surely considering to be too easy since the Ultimate Island Explorer 2000 has achieved a very high percentage of survivors. To save Ken the trouble of pre-riding to Inuvik I have posted on another web site enough information to print up the route sheets for a brevet to Inuvik. The brevet to Inuvik is almost sure to result in a large number of DNF’s because there are about 1000 kilometers of dirt roads (each way) and huge stretches with no food or water. There is also the possibility of being devoured by a polar bear, which is simply not going to happen on a Vancouver Island brevet.

You can read about it here:

Dempster Highway to the Arctic


September 15, 2009