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8 Photos from Bob's Ride

Permanent 47 Report
by Bob Goodison

Hi Tracy & Bob. I finished the Squam Bay permanent in 8:51. Of the 19 km of gravel road, about 12 km were really ugly, but it was worth it for the ride from Squam Bay to Barrierre. It is one of the prettiest places I have ever cycled through.The valley is almost impossibly green, almost coastal in its lushness. I also had great views of Adams Lake, which, despite being so close to the madhouse of the Shuswap, is virtually undeveloped. For the second time in my life, and the second time in a row, I had a tailwind from Barrierre to Kamloops. If it weren't for the gravel section it would make a first rate brevet route. I plan to do this ride again, probably next year, and anyone who can put fat tires on their bike or scrounge a mountain bike is urged to join me. I rode it on a Surly Cross Check with 700-35s and was fine but wouldn't have wanted anything skinnier.

Ride date: July 19, 2009

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July 19, 2009