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24-12 Proposal
by Kevin Bruce

Riders must complete at total of 2400 kms during the calendar year consisting of twelve brevets of 200 km each.


1. Distances longer than 200 km do not qualify
2. At least one ride must be a regularly scheduled event
3. At least one ride must be a permanent
4. At least one ride must take place during the months of October through March


Regarding point 1 above, this gives those who do not wish to ride longer distances a distinct award for which they can aim. It also serves as rigorous training for those who do wish to ride longer distances. It may also serve to encourage riders who have not tried longer distances to take a chance at a 300 and so on.

Regarding point 2 above, this allows those riders living in regions where there may be only one regularly scheduled event at the distance to qualify for the award. It also encourages riders to undertake as many regularly scheduled events as possible.

Regarding point 3 above, this requires riders to include at least one ride which they must undertake independently, possibly create a brand-new route, and be entirely self-sufficient.

Regarding point 4 above, this encourages year-round training as riders could simply opt to ride one 200 each month of the year. (A rider could also complete 11 permanents between January and March and then do the first ride in April and qualify for the award at that point!) It also requires riders to face the likely challenge of cold-weather riding. Or, it could allow those riders who travel to warmer climates during the winter months to ride an event in other parts of the world.


June 2, 2009