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Vancouver Chilliwack - Permanent 35
by Eric Fergusson

Vancouver City Hall

Like Permanent 19 "Sasquatch" this is a utility route on familiar, flat, low elevation roads leaving from central Vancouver, only it's a little longer: 227 km. Sasquatch's big brother.

A feature of any out-and-back route into the Valley is that you will likely face the outflow winds going out, and then have to fight the prevailing south-westerly after the turnaround. Leaving at 8 a.m. my timing was perfect - headwinds both ways, though not too bad going out. The clear skies and bright sunshine was the welcome compensation for the winds.

An added feature of this route is that it is city hall to city hall, which is the convention for place to place record runs. Being the first rider to do this route I can proudly claim two new world records:

Vancouver to Chilliwack, 4:28
Chilliwack to Vancouver, 5:25

Not yet verified by CCA or UMCA. Beat 'em if you can kids.
(The C to V record is particularly soft.)

Chilliwack Municipal Hall

Ride date: May 29, 2009
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Route 35 (227 km)

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May 30, 2009