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In the Ryder Lake 300 ride results I had indeed reported precipitation as "a few sprinkles in the late afternoon." Responses were swift, numerous and generally hostile. Turns out I got it wrong. Sorry. Here's one response. [Eric F] :

Michel on Woodside Mt... before the monsoon
Photo: Deirdre/Bob

A Few Sprinkles...
by Michel Richard

A few sprinkles in late afternoon! Ha!!

How about steady rain starting at 8:30 pm. Around 9:00 pm, pouring rain. By the time we hit the Pitt River Bridge around 10 - 10:30 pm it was monsoon rain. We had to hide under the highway overpass as we couldn't see or breathe as the rain filled our nostrils. In the minute we were stopped, the flood waters rose well above our ankles. It didn't matter though because our feet were soaked anyway. I can barely swim so we had to continue on before it was too late. Every passing car was hurling curtains of water at us, but we hardly noticed. In fact in our increasing madness, we laughed even harder. The rain finally eased and then eventually stopped along the Barnet Highway around 11:30 pm.

Ali, Karen, Ron and I have done quite a few brevets. I think we know of what we speak. This was without hesitation the nastiest rain any of us have ever ridden through.

Just thought you'd like to know.

(Survivor: '99 Spring 300; '00 D'Arcy 400; '03 Spring 600 preride; '03 Crowsnest 1000 Paulsen Summit; etc....)


May 4, 2009