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2008 C-KAP Awards
by Eric Fergusson

For the 5th straight year BC Randonneurs wins the Canadian Kilometre Achievement Program's team distance award, called the Hewes Challenge. This years team total was 239,520 km. Congratulations to all 24 participating club members. A special congratulations to Henry Berkenbos who was the biggest distance individual cyclist with 30,812 km, earning him both C-KAP's Les Humphreys (Canada) and Woody Graham (International) trophies. Our boy on the Island, Ken Bonner, was second in both categories just 1700 km back. Here's a list of the participating club riders:

30,812 Km
29,124 Km
14,649 Km
14,547 Km
12,101 Km
10,856 Km
10,652 Km
10,325 Km
10,290 Km
9,540 Km
9,045 Km
8,685 Km
8,520 Km
8,334 Km
8,291 Km
7,638 Km
7,132 Km
6,703 Km
5,478 Km
5,087 Km
3,428 Km
2,942 Km
2,887 Km
2,454 Km
Henry Berkenbos
Ken Bonner
Graham Fishlock
Craig Premack
Alexander Pope
Dr. David Gillander
Michel Richard
Roger Holt
Bob Goodison
Harold James Bridge
Ali Holt
Dug Andrusiek
Raymond Parker
Larry Voth
Manfred Kuchenmuller
Jack Sharkey
Gary Baker
Dan Devlin
Dave Macmurchie
Karen Smith
Ivan Andrews
Michael Poplawski
E. W. (Wim) Kok
Jerome Lavigne

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March 24, 2009