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Bob Goodison has ridden the first ever Interior permanent. This is his e mail message checking in afterwards. [Eric F]

Salmon Arm, Kamloops (Permanent 40)
by Bob Goodison

Hi all.

I finished the route in 8:50. It was -10c this morning when I left my house, and I think colder in Salmon Arm. My camelback was dead weight- froze the hose solid before my first drink, wouldn't thaw even under my jacket. Stopped at my house for a bottle of warm water, then bought Gatorade in Kamloops. That didn't freeze. Otherwise pretty uneventful. Still lots of sand and gravel on the shoulders, and the odd icy spot. I am looking forward to warmer weather for the next one.

Bob the Human Popsicle

Ride date: February 21, 2009
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Route 40 (207 km)

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February 22, 2009