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Ultimate Island Explorer 2000 km
August 12 - 19, 2008

Rider Updates from Cheryl Lynch & Ken Bonner


Riders' progress: Day 1, August 12
from Cheryl

Keith Nichol & Yutaka Moriwaki
at the Victoria start:
3 a.m. - Tuesday, August 12
Photo: Ken Bonner

Here's the first of hopefully 6 nightly updates on the progress of Keith (and Yutaka when possible) with the Ultimate Island Explorer 2000.

Tonight in at 7:43 PM, ave speed 23.8 kph, 14:25 hours riding time, max speed 81.5 kph. ".. saw so many deer this morning..." and thinks he saw a female elk.

He started with Yutaka, rode for 80 km before Y rode ahead. Yutaka trying to get to Parksville (674 km) before stopping...

Weather today was overcast with drizzle from Sooke out and back, most of the day.

Riders' progress: Day 2, August 13
from Cheryl

Keith and Yutaka left Victoria together at 3:30 AM and arrived in Parksville at 9:07 PM, ave speed 23.1 kph, 14:33 hours riding time, max speed 72.5 kph. 3526m cimbing.

Weather today was sunny and warm, max. 33 degrees. Bit of wind out to Cowichan Lake, headwind back.

Day 2 and still smiling
Photos: Ken

Riders' progress: Day 3, August 14
from Cheryl

Keith and Yutaka left Parksville together at 4:05 AM (Keith slept through his alarm at the Lynch residence after staying up until 11 the night before with my Dad...) and arrived back in Parksville at 8:40 PM, ave speed 24.1 kph, 14:30 hours riding time, max speed 75.0 kph. 3293m cimbing.

Weather today was sunny and warm, max. 34 degrees. 12 litres of fluids. 1 black bear.

Riders' progress: Day 4, August 15
from Cheryl & Ken

The riders left Parksville together at 4:05 AM and arrived in Campbell River via Gold River at 8:00 PM, ave speed 23.7 kph, 12:38 hours riding time, max speed 77.0 kph. 2297m climbing.

Weather today was hot, max. 39 degrees, with headwinds up to CR and back from Gold River. They both "collapsed" when they got in to Gold River.

Additional late breaking news from Ken Bonner: Thanks, Cheryl! I bet Keith did not tell you he and Yutaka ‘potted around’ travelling from Parksville, chatting up a touring cyclist and taking pictures of large wooden carvings. They appeared to be in very good spirits when I left them in Campbell River this morning [Saturday]. Also, I wonder if Keith took a picture of their bag-hotel room … nice flouncy white covers on the beds!! I’ll send you a couple of pictures of Keith and Yutaka at Union Bay. Cheers …. Ken

Day 4 - Heading North
Photos: Ken

Riders' progress: Day 5, August 16
from Cheryl

Day 5 completed! They left Campbell River at 4:05 AM, made Port McNeil by 2:30 PM and arrived back in Campbell River at 12:50 AM, ave speed 24.0 kph, 16:41 hours riding time, max speed 64.0 kph. 3486m climbing.

Weather today was nice, max. 28 degrees. Headwind north, nice tailwind back.

Getting going again at 4:00 AM for the final 287 km....

Riders' progress (& Finish): Day 6, August 17
from Cheryl

Report 1: Keith called from Nanaimo at noon today. Well at 11:50 actually and I was in the garden, since I thought noon meant 12:00... He would like to be finished by 7 PM. 7 hours sounds like a casual 120 ;)

He described the ride as being 'epic'.


Report 2: Keith called at 3 PM from the Chemainus roundabout at 1922 km. He was lubing his freewheel which was starting to make some noises. Or maybe he was hallucinating... So from 1886 at noon to 1922 at 3 PM... lets see, 14 plus 22 = 36 km, in... 3 hours!!

He said he'll call when he knows which ferry he will be on... like 6 AM tomorrow perhaps? :)

Yutaka sped ahead after having a Red Bull for breakfast while taking a pull... and was an hour ahead at a secret control south of Nanaimo which was atop a (another) 10% hill.... OK maybe that is why it took three hours to ride 36 km.... On top of the 2 hours sleep last night (no naps, he said it would be dangerous to lie down).


Report 3: Well they did it. Made it look easy... Keith in at 8:05 tonight for elapsed time of 136:45. Yutaka in an hour or two earlier.

Total climbing 16587 + 2568 = 19155 m (62844 feet).

Today's average speed was 22.9 kph, max speed was 72.5 kph and riding time was 12:47, started at 4:05 this morning. Max temp 34 degrees.



... And a Finish Line Report from Ken

THEY DID IT!!! Yutaka Moriwaki was the 1st finisher in 5 days 14h 20m (134h 20m); with Keith Nichol following closely in 5 days, 16h 45m (136h 45m). They both looked as fresh as daisies at the finish!! (As they did throughout this epic brevet ... Hot temperatures, 63,000 feet of climbing and lack of sleep, notwithstanding)

Congratulations to these two fabulous riders who proved to the doubters that to true to the nature of early explorers of the West Coast, yes, it could and CAN be done!! It is not easy to be the 1st to do something ... Yutaka and Keith did an exceptional job!! Again, an incredible job well done.

Day 6... Finish
Photos: Ken

Organizing Team:

Ken Bonner - ride orgainzer
Margot Bonner - plotting out the route, and raw input for directional instructions
Graeme Sheeley – creating and printing route sheets and control cards