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The Olympic Makeup Event??

Roger Street


Sometimes, in our humble lives, important events occur. Usually, they take planning, organization, decision making, skill, training and execution. Take the Olympics, for example. Years of history go into determining where an event will be held, what it will entail, when it will start, how it will be managed and how the results will be tallied. Someone will determine why certain rules or restrictions will or will not apply and will set the standards for eligibility. Often, if the right people are known, various decisions that will affect a particular event can be influenced. The event requires planning by the on-site organizers and training by the athletes. When the fireworks fire and the opening ceremonies and instructions are underway, it is time to determine if the preparations have been adequate by organizer and athlete. When the gun goes to start the marathon or the sprint, time has run out.

The marathon preparation.
Deciding to participate in a marathon event requires preparation and training, usually starting months in advance of the event. Strength and stamina routines, basic skill reviews, equipment overhauls, nutrition needs, personal needs - some of the things that are mandatory in the preparation for a marathon event.

The marathon start.
Whether it is the marathon or the sprint, time always seems to slip away fastest just before the appointed start. Corollary #22 states that the effect of the law of jam-side-down strengthens, the shorter the time to the start.

The marathon event.
Can go wrong, will go wrong, etc. etc. Neither rain nor hail nor sleet nor storm, etc. etc. Adversity, just like in the sports interviews. Sometimes it seems you can't get there from here. The bonk and the recovery. Drink and eat, drink and eat, repeat.

The marathon end.
The end of the event is the finish line. If the end of the event for the athlete is not the finish line, the next Olympics will be held again in four years.

Brevets are a lot like an Olympic event, and just as important to our organizing committees and athletes. We hold the events more often than every four years. But if you are the athlete who finishes before the finish line, it is not very likely that we will plan another Olympic-style event just for you to attend. Who will perform the opening ceremonies, who will check the fairness of the competition, manage the results and hand out the "well-done"? The stadium is silent, the event has been run, the athletes are home.

Good luck at the next scheduled event!!