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Cheryl Lynch


It was sweet. The route sheet was accurate, the roads were quiet and scenic for the most part, great people both on and off bikes, food at controls was always cheap and delicious and even the weather was favourable (tailwind back to Thorne from Harlow, Harlow starters mightn't agree with me!). Relatively flat route, a few rollers around Yorkshire, some gradual climbing in Scotland, bit of a climb out of Dalkeith but the view at the top was well worth it. I loved the roads ("lanes"), swooping through small towns, some cobbles in one, whizzing around roundabouts. Riding on the wrong side of the road was quite exciting, like doing something you aren't supposed to? Rode for a few hours with fellow on fixed gear, which I found amusing on the descents. Now I'm inspired to commute on fixed and see how it goes! [tested this possibility this morning using one gear and pedalling like crazy. I have now realized how hilly my route to work is!!]

There was an Irish fellow in the lead trio until his BB started to fall apart. Paul somebody or other, Danelle knew him. I rode with the leaders for ~20 km (at ~700 km for me and 1000 for them) until I realized I was going to be paying for it later so dropped off. Watching Hubertus's wonky wheel rub against his rear brakes while the Frenchman pulled through at 28 or 30 kph. Guess Hubertus crashed in first leg out from Harlow.

Highly recommend the route, even if you're not riding the event. Roughly 5000 feet of climbing between Carlisle and Edinburgh (in 130 km) - "relatively flat?"... well, maybe a bit hilly there, and some wind! 160 km took me 10 hours.