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Canadian Kilometre Achievement Program (C-KAP)

Mike Poplawski


I thought I would pass along to club members who just might be thinking about 2002 already and setting some goals for themselves...

We randonneurs, being an honest bunch who are interested in riding a lot of kilometres, might be interested in joining the Canadian Kilometre Achievement Program, or C-KAP.

Riders are provided with a log each year which is submitted at year's end. Kilometre logs are entered on the honour system.

There are C-KAP honours for achieving different distances during a calendar year. Riders can request certificates and either a badge or medal for reaching the milestones.

The program provides an excellent incentive for riders to ride as many kilometres as they can--racing, training, randonneuring, commuting and touring all count towards your total!

Milestones are as follows:
1,000 km Bronze Badge and Certificate
2,500 km Silver Badge and Certificate
5,000 km Gold Badge and Certificate
10,000 km Bronze Medal and Certificate
15,000 km Silver Medal and Certificate
25,000 km Gold Medal and Certificate

There are other single-season and lifetime honours for C-KAP members. There is also a competition between clubs (Hewes Trophy)--it would be great to see a group of BC Randonneurs take on another club! (The Hewes Trophy record set in 2000 is 61,564 km, well within reach of a team of 10 or so Randonneurs!)

There is a lifetime membership fee of $25; awards are sold to riders at cost.

If you're interested, visit, or send an e-mail to

I've been a member since 2000; I earned a bronze medal last year and am looking to repeat that this year, but have bumped my distance goal up to 11,000 km, and with any luck, 12,000 in 2002. (Ugh, now I really will have to ride the Rocky Mountain 1200...)

Another BC Randonneur, Larry Voth, joined C-KAP this year; I hope what I've written and the C-KAP page inspire you to join, too!