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Recommendation: Travel Book for France

Barry Bogart


I will be cycling around France in a few weeks. I will ride Paris-Lille-Dieppe to Loudeac along the coast, then Brest on the PBP route, and then I will follow the canal to Nantes and return to Paris through the Loire Valley.

Anyway I found an excellent new book - Lonely Planet 'Cycling France'. It is about half the size of the regular LP France book and appears to contain everything a cyclist would need on such a trip - about 100 pages on general cycling info and over 400 more on specific tours and places to stay and things to see. It has such details such as which hostels allow bicycles, French words for bike parts, how to read a train timetable.... It even has seven pages on the TdF and NINE on randonnering including some descriptions of the 'permanent brevets'. This is the ONE book I will take with me. More details when I get back.