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Harold Bridge


I have been the victim of a conspiracy. Once I was confident enough in my skeletal repairs to mount a bike again I rode the bike for utility rides. Gently, saddle down, no toe clips etc. But what about the helmet?

It had saved me from head injuries or worse but was split and with windscreen glass embedded in it. I have some very strong cellotape with fibre molded in it. Two wraps of that didn't make for a legal helmet but would keep the police off my back (if they should have a bout of helmet consciousness). I wanted to go buy a new lid but the right hip was still weak and I couldn't safely drive as I wasn't able to lift my foot off the gas pedal onto the brake.

Once that problem was solved with the help of physiotherapy I drove into town and looked in MEC before going across the road to La Bicicletta. With Paul's help I found a helmet almost identical to the used one I had bought in UK last year, about the same price too.

Once I had decided on the model I wanted, Paul let me into a secret. My friends in the Club were buying it for me! If he had spoken up earlier I might have looked for a more expensive model!

With Madam Editor charging around the Mediterranean Boot it might be a while before this gets to the Conspirators. But nonetheless, a heart felt "THANKYOU" to those responsible.

Madam Editor apologizes for the delay.