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Bicycle Touring Seminar a Tremendous Success

Ian Stephen


The BC Randonneur Cycling Club enjoyed the privilege of participating in the Bicycle Touring Seminar hosted by the Vancouver Bicycle Club and Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition on March 24.

Cyclists of all sorts filled the Vancouver Racquets Club, no doubt drawn by Maureen Mol's appearance as capable and fashionable poster girl for the event. Once inside, those attending were treated to a wide range of displays on cycling advocacy, tours to suit all kinds be they bold, meek, roadie or mud-lover, and of course our own display for those who might like to tour in hours what others cover in days. Presentations were carried on throughout the day, including one by our own Susan Allen and Doug Latornell on how to cycle-camp with efficiency and comfort.

The Randonneur table was a valuable contribution to the event thanks to the efforts of Bob Marsh, Danelle Laidlaw, Karen Smith and Ian Stephen. The club may see some new members this year due to Bob's infectious passion for the sport. Most who wandered within the radius of his energy were inspired to try distances they hadn't dared before.

BC Randonneurs is grateful to the organizers, whose hard work paid off in a first rate event. It was an excellent opportunity to promote our sport to a receptive audience.