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March 18: A Missed Fort Langley Ride

Harold Bridge


The Bose and the Blanche cars were in Marina Park at 09:35, so we can assume that they were on the club run in that rather intense downpour. The Bridge truck was parked at Albion at 08:55. About two minutes earler and he would have been at Wendell's by 09:15. But the second ferry, due to enter service at 08:30, was in labour giving birth to a broken clutch. When the active boat returned the solitary cyclist was told not to board yet. A pickup backed onto the deck. In the back was a big wooden box, containing the new clutch. The boat then shunted across to it's ailing mate, lashed to it and the pickup drove onto the dead boat. The outcome was that the normal 15 minute lapse between parking and arriving at Wendell's became 40 minutes and there was no sign of other cyclists at 09:35.

At first I thought chase them on the assumed route. But with David churning along at a steady 28 kph it was unlikely they would be found. Unless of course the latecomer endured the wet, miserable conditions all the way to Matsqui where he might well find them in the Cafe. On the other hand they might go to the Clayburn Store. With no definite plan in mind the loner turned north at 264th St and descended the hill to 88th Av with the brakes on, a novel experience. A tail wind back to Fort Langley and it was time for elevenses before crossing back to Albion to get home at noon with 27.1 km the day's grand total.