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Front Causes Mudguard Causes OUCH!!

Jeremy Meades (Head Bangers Cycling Club)


I just can't get enough of it - pain and more pain!!

Saturday afternoon, bright, sunny and dry - just left home and going through the housing estate - next thing I know I've been unconscious and a paramedic is tending me. To cut a long story short (mainly because I don't remember a lot of it!) broken nose, 11 stitches to the face, broken front tooth and lumps of flesh on the road!!

I reckon I'm the true Head Banger!!

Apparently, the front mudguard had lost its mount and jammed in the forks, I stopped suddenly and went over the bars - one point landing and out for about 10 minutes or so. Returned to Hospital this afternoon for a check over and now I'm signed of work for two weeks! The combination of head injury and teaching means I definitely have to be off work the Consultant said (what a nice man).

So I'm a man of leisure at last - not sure that this is the way to go about it but ..............

Note from Harold: Front mudguards with two sets of stays are much less likely to fail this way.

[Provided by Harold Bridge]