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Air Canada Bicycle Policy

Susan Allen and Bob Bose


While waiting to board his plane on a recent trip, Bob Bose got a printout of the Air Canada bicycle travel policy. Italics are my additions.

Beech (plane): cannot accommodate bicycles
CL-65 (plane): the front wheel of tandem bikes (bikes for 2 people) must be removed in order to fit in the baggage compartment.
Star (alliance): tandem bicycles are accepted for interlining as checked baggage under the same conditions of carriage as single seat bicycles by all star members except LH (Lufthansa), MX (Mexicana) and OS (Austrian Airlines).

Canadian Cycling Association:
For travel on Air Canada and Canadian Airlines only, approved members of the Canadian Cycling Association (which includes all Cycling BC members) can have the excess charge for their bicycle (one only) waived. Any other baggage carried in excess will be assessed the appropriate charge.

Domestic & Transborder (incl. Hawaii) charges:
The excess charges of $65Cad for domestic and $65Cad/$50USD for transborder travel apply regardless of number of pieces checked. Excess rate includes the charge of plastic bicycle bag. Bicycles are to be treated as regular size pieces of baggage and not to be considered as oversize. Charges quoted are for one way travel.

International Charges:
For international travel, a bicycle is considered part of the free baggage allowance. If carried in excess of the free baggage allowance, the applicable excess rates will apply.

General Procedures:
Accept one per psgr (passenger), single or tandem seat touring bicycle or one racing bicycle, provided the handlebars are fixed sideways, the pedals are removed, and the bicycle is enclosed in an Air Canada plastic bicycle bag part number (100A62) or equivalent.

Psgr should prepare bicycle prior to arrival at arpt (airport). Check-in agents do not have the tools to remove the pedals and fix the handlebars sideways.

Customers may present their bicycle in a "bicycle suitcase" that is used to store the disassembled components. Even though these suitcases are oversized. The only charges applicable are the same excess charges normally applied to the carriage of bicycles. This is provided these suitcases are only used to transport the bike.