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SoCal Brevet Series Information

Chris Kostman


The SoCal Brevet Series Is Coming Up Fast! We've been hard at work preparing some fabulous, fun, and challenging routes for the new Southern California Brevet Series. Within a week we'll be posting the actual route sheets, plus startline details and the like. Riders are already signing up, though, in anticipation of some really excellent and AFFORDABLE rides! Info:
200 km = 700 am, February 17, 2001
Hansen Dam Recreation Area (San Fernando) to Pasadena to Glendora to Mt. Baldy and back, $20
300 km = 600 am, March 17, 2001
Westwood to Oxnard to Simi and back, via Mulholland and lots of canyons, $30
400 km = 600 am, May 5, 2001
Encino (Balboa Park) to Valencia to the Mojave Desert and back, $40
600 km = 600 am, June 9, 2001
Santa Monica to Simi to Ojai to Santa Maria and back via Ventura, $60

Each entrant will receive a route slip, timing checkpoints along the route, and basic food support such as fruit, sandwiches, water, and energy bars at most of the checkpoints. For the 400k and 600k events, transportation for drop bags will be provided to a few checkpoints. For the 600k only, one hotel room will be provided for group use at the turnaround in Santa Maria.

All entrants will be required to sign a waiver/release of liability at check-in, before beginning the event.

Only riders who are RUSA members will be timed. If you're not a member, visit RUSA to join now!

There will be no mailing via postal service of any info, results, or confirmation. This is an Internet-only based organization, so you must have email and/or web access to view results.

For more info and to register, visit SoCal Brevets.

[Provided by Harold Bridge]