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Electronic Age

Susan Allen


The BC Randonneurs have a new, beautiful website at The site has some lovely photos, the 2001 schedule, 2000 results, details and information on randonneuring and some of our special events. Do check it out. By the time you read this, there will already be more information there!

This newsletter is also available on the web (apologies to those that are reading this on the web!) Articles go up as html as I can. (Not as quickly this year as last as I'm not on sabbatical this year) About every six weeks I produce a document newsletter composed of the articles I've been sent. This document is made available to BC Randonneurs in two ways. Electronic subscribers receive an email pointing them to the new document on the web. They can read it using Adobe Acrobat, or print it. Paper subscribers receive a paper version via Canada Post. If you have email and web access please consider switching to being an electronic subscriber. Why? I don't have to photocopy, fold, stuff, label and stamp. This means electronic subscribers get a big smile when I see them at the start of a ride! You get your newsletter earlier. You can archive old newsletters on your computer (or use my archive) instead of accumulating all that paper. To switch to being an electronic subsciber send email to