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by John Leckie, Staff Writer, Woodstock-Ingersoll Sentinel-Review, June 30, 1977

This article dates from John Hathaway's stop in Woodstock, Ontario in 1977. The article was sent in (to the web site) by Ken Bonner who had received it in 2007 from Ken Ross. (Ken Ross, a one time racer, was an early winner of CKAP distance awards - 16,206 in 1976 - Photo. He lived in Woodstock, Ontario in 1977, and now lives in Victoria.) Thanks to both Kens. As you can see the article has a written message to Ken Ross and his wife Jean from Hathaway written over the text. I think it says: "With Sincere Thanks for a job will done by Ken and Jean. John Hathaway, July '77". [Eric F]

Just for fun, here is a photo of Ken Ross's kids with John Hathaway, when JH visited Woodstock in 1977.