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"The Unsung Heroes and Heroines of the Road"
Randonneurs in the (News)papers.

Compiled by E.W. (Wim) Kok, Peace Region Brevet Organizer

Introduction (by Wim Kok):

On these pages is a series of articles that have appeared in various newspapers about us. This time it is not what we are writing about our experiences in club newsletters. It is about what they are saying about us: 'the unsung heroes and heroines of the road'. Admittedly, many stories are based on personal interviews, in which the press was able to extract information from us. In other cases we opened up and revealed some of our motives re. what drives-- rather what 'cycles' us -- to do these long rides.

Notes: (1) All articles appeared in Canadian newspapers (Alberta and British Columbia) from 1989 onward. Sources have been credited. (2) Nick Lees (Edmonton Journal) provided explicit permission for his articles as long as we credited him and the newspaper. (3) Nick by the way indicated that he has plans to ride PBP. His May 17, 1991 articles ( re) kindled my interest in long distance cycling. (4). The articles are organized from the oldest to the most recent.

[ After Wim had completed his research, I realized that there were several articles I had seen that were not in his collection, and I took the liberty of including them here. These late additions are indicated below with an *. And still there must be other articles that we don't yet know about. If you know of any other newspaper or magazine articles about randonneur cycling in Canada, we would appreciate hearing from you. Contact: Eric F ]