BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Frank Shorland & F.T. Bidlake

Frank Shorland was a record holder in the early 1890s, setting the twelve hour record on three occasions, the twenty-four hour record twice. He held, in addition, three separate point-to-point route records, and was, with Monty Holbein, a record holder on the tandem trike at the twenty-four hour distance. (Curious this, as Shorland was considered to be Holbein's greatest rival.) Frederick Thomas Bidlake, though remembered principally as an administrator and a founding member of the Roads Records Association, was himself no cycling slouch. He established 11 RRA records between 1889 and 1894, nine on the tricycle and two on the tandem trike. Ironically for someone whose name is associated with unpaced cycling, all his road records were paced. More information on Bidlake's memorial web site: