Flèche Pacifique Photos - 2012

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


Flèche Pacifique Photos
May 5-7, 2012

Photos from the Banquet

Photos: Patrick Wright



Hound Dogs

Fleche Pedallers

Team Club Car

Flecherous Old Men

Fleche Test Dummies

Paradise Island Riders

Night Crawlers

Pasty White Guys

Cultus Cruisers - winners of the Tim Pollock Lungs are for life trophy.
Presenter Rita Pollock on right.

Record Wreckers - Gordon Bisaro trophy winners with 630 km.
Presenter Deirdre Arscott on right.

Travelling Willoughbys

Travelling Willoughbys were Winners of the M & M trophy, again.
Presenter Harold Bridge second from right.

Flecheless Spring Chickens - only Trace team -> 211 km