BC Randonneurs Cycling Club



Lower Mainland 2019 Ride Organizers Needed

For 2019, there are twenty three events on the Lower Mainland Schedule, including the two Populaires, the Flèche and the Trace. And it's a PBP year!

So far, Will is running the Populaires April 7th & July 1st, Cheryl the Flèche & Trace May 3rd & 4th, Deirdre the 5pack August 2nd-6th, Etienne June 15th (night start) 200 and myself running the June 1st 600. We just need twelve more Organizers :)

It would be great if all preliminary routes could be posted on the website by the end of February, so let's get cracking!

Contact me though Lower Mainland Schedule page, or my e mail link below, if you would like to help Organize a Brevet. If you have not organized in the past, I can provide support and all the necessary resources. The club also has seasoned Brevet Organizers who are happy to mentor.

Nigel Press
LM Brevet Coordinator

January 4, 2019